Monday, April 23, 2012

Advanced Style

Not long ago, my friend Connie sent me this video trailer for a new documentary and book called Advanced Style. The women involved are all of a certain age, if not more so, all of them New Yorkers, all of them defiant of time and the tides. Their bold views of elder-fashion and their attitudes toward life are so vibrant and inspiring, we should all take a lesson or five from their bonnets and their brains. Don't miss this. It's a treasure. The right side bar on the UTube page lets you watch more in-depth interviews, which are addictive! These women are fabulous! I used to want to grow old like Margaret Rutherford, dotty and invincible, but these women give invincible a whole new meaning, and they are anything but dotty. New role models. To paraphrase Gloria Steinem, this is what 70-90 looks like! For those interested in what's happening right now, try First Comes Fashion. It's up to the minute!

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