Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Happy New Year to all!

This has been an exciting day for me!  Silly but true.  My favorite d.j., Jonathan Schwartz, who broadcasts from New York on WNYC (weekends) and on SiriusXm Radio (daily), was relegated by SiriusXm during the holidays to the internet only because his satellite radio channel, The 40s on 4, was devoted to holiday music.  He was returned to the radio yesterday, and today he asked his listeners to write in and tell him we were out there.  So I did that.  Moments later, I heard him say that he had heard from a number of people, one of whom was a woman named Laurel (pause) Blossom!  He said how nice a name it is.  I was thrilled.  Half an hour later, after playing a song sung by Blossom Dearie, he mentioned that Blossom Dearie is her real name, and said it reminded him that he had received an email earlier from a woman named Laurel (pause) Blossom.  Twice!  Did anybody out there hear it whom I know, or who has ever heard of me otherwise?  I wish I could know.

Once, when we were in Moscow on the 4th of July during the Reagan administration, I and others of our Writers Guild group were interviewed on CNN by Christiane Amanpour.  She asked the question, "What does it feel like to be in the Evil Empire on the 4th of July?"  I wish I could remember my answer, but it must have been of some interest, because I showed up on international television!  Friends in New York saw it!  I felt famous.

As I do today.

Think of all the people who saw that interview.  Think of all the people today who heard my name!

Some of them probably laughed out loud.  Some of them didn't believe the name was real.  Some of them thought I was either a geisha girl or a poet.  I've had all these reactions to my name in the past, upon being introduced to people.

Maybe some of them thought, I know her!  Or, I've read her poems!

The wonderful poet's poet Donald Justice was once in a New York taxi and happened for some reason to mention his name to the driver.   The driver answered, the Donald Justice?   It made Don's day!  Of course, it did.  Poets don't get that kind of recognition very often.

I wish you all, every one, acknowledgment of your indispensable existence on the planet on this first day of the year 2013 and recognition for your accomplishments, aspirations, and admirable character.  May the months ahead bring you health, happiness, peace, productivity, and honest dealings.  Glad tidings!