Monday, September 19, 2005

We went even further into the country last Friday night to the stock car races! it was lots of fun! We have friends who race and they were there to explain it all to us, which helped. The dirt track had been wetted down, thank god, or we'd have been a total mess. Folks who knew we were going laughed at us: from Manhattan to Modoc! they said. You'll have to wash your hair before you go to bed. As it was it was relatively clean for us spectators, at least. The cars were a wreck, or course, and there were a lot of car casualties. Some races that started with a dozen cars ended up with three or four!

We got home at midnight and we were so revved up we couldn't go to sleep until one-thirty. We spent the time talking about our old travels. All those cars skidding round and round so fast on that track woke something up inside us! Adventure!