Monday, March 12, 2012

I've discovered a new singing group you might want to check out. It's an indie rock group - you'd have thought I'd care? - from Los Angeles called Grouplove, and they're terrific. If I do say so myself. The one woman in the group, singer Hannah Hooper, is my second cousin once-remived, her grandfather having been my father's first cousin and dear friend. They recorded a CD in 2011 called Never Trust a Happy Song. I'm promoting it! Several of the songs really get you tapping your feet and singing along, and there is not one clunker. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

You can now follow this blog at my Amazon Author Page and at Goodreads - I've also updated my Author's Page at Red Room and at the New York Quarterly - Thanks for your support.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

I'll be in New York the middle of this month to do a reading with other New York Quarterly writers at Cornelia St. Café on MONDAY, MARCH 19 AT 6PM. Visit my website for details:

My husband, Leonard Todd, also has a website, and a new blog. I invite you to visit him. He will be talking about his projects, his process, his progress, and talking to other writers about theirs.

Update on my eye condition. The first injection worked miracles. Gone is the circle and spot in the middle of my right eye. Pictures show that the swelling of the macula is much reduced. I was given a second injection. If the eye continues to make progress, I may not have to continue treatments after, perhaps, one more. This is very good news.

In other matters, I have now spent $350 in submission fees since the first of the year. At this rate, if I win $1000 and publication of my new manuscript, I will have spent 1/3 of the proceeds in getting there. And, of course, the process is ongoing. I will likely spend all the winnings before they materialize, assuming I win one of these contests. Not complaining, exactly, just saying - that's show biz!

I spent a good weekend with my daughter and her family. We went to the mountains. The kids loved sledding and playing in the snow. But I say, that is the last time i don a pair of ski pants. I'm done. No more ice and snow, no more cold weather, no more winter. Unless there's a really good reason. Never say never.